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homeward bound
19 January 2010
6:41 p.m.

Actually � I am homeward bound at the moment � somewhere just south of Alexandria on the last stretch through to Richmond. Train this time � and really, my preferred way to travel. There�s something relaxing about rail travel (though not so relaxing in the rail stations � but no matter, they are only in-between places � a means to an end). We�ve had several lovely days in New York � days that seemed to stretch well past the five we had allotted into a timelessness that is the hallmark of any really good vacation.

We have begun making New York City in January something of a tradition now � in the past 3 years. It began by happenstance, in the final frantic days of the Monitor Center preparations with some filming at Martha Stewart�s studio of all places � as well as a transcendent show at the Bowery Ballroom with friends new and old. By the time we found ourselves here again the second year � it really had become a tradition, I suppose.

And so we continue it.

Many people do not understand our kind of vacation with its aimless, organic pace. We try not to travel with much of an agenda � no more than one or two set goals, and even then they are almost always malleable. We do not go with the express notion of checking off one more tourist destination or event off on our to-do list, though there are times when we accidentally log one or two. (Case in point � cold rainy day translated to random warm theatre and a lovely surprise afternoon with Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly that we never would have actually planned to do.)

We go to escape, whether it is into the warmth of a well-loved place or into the static electricity of the always awake. We go to wander through streets both familiar and unfamiliar, with the freedom to stop anywhere � for any length of time, and for any reason. To watch the people and the skies and to hear the sounds both lyrical and cacophonic. To drink in the surroundings and talk or not talk for as long as we want to.

We just go.

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