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25 August 2006
10:36 p.m.

So I have to ask - have you toyed with Last.fm?

Because it sure is toying with me. How does it know me so well? Right now it is sweeping me up in an Abba song from the classic album "The Album." How did it know? I have no Abba on my iTunes. I have no Abba on my iPod.

And yet, it knows.

It has delved into my childhood and found the album that - for reasons still unknown to me - that my father and I both liked and would happily listen to together.

Now - what you have to understand about my father - is that he would listen to just about anything with me. We watched Rush videos together in 1978. We saw Kate Bush gyrate on Paul Schaffer's piano, and Elvis Costello sub in for the Sex Pistols on Saturday Night Live.

There's really nothing that my dad wouldn't listen to with me.

Or for me.

He and my mom would listen to my radio show on WQFS and he would greet me at the door singing "Wild in the Streets" when I came home.

But Last.fm knew that we listened to Abba.

I'm not sure how much my dad listens to Abba at the moment. My mom pretty much has an Eric Clapton CD in the player most of the time. And he listens to that happily as well.

But for whatever reason - he picked Abba as the music that we could truly agree upon.

I'll have to tell the parental units the next time I talk to them.

*news flash* now I'm completely flummoxed. It's playing Lady Saw's 'Give me the reason' - which is the most completely inappropriate 'our song' that could ever be - and yet, because it was the number one song in Nevis during our honeymoon, it's has become 'our song.' How do it know?

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